* Adelaide Byrd please just go away

It has been almost a week since the Golovkin Vs. Alvarez fight. I wanted to wait a while before addressing the result of the fight and for the to smoke clear a bit. Adelaide Byrd’s score was 118-110. Many had that score, only it was for Golovkin not Canelo. The world was watching and it was an excellent fight, only to be ruined by Ms. Byrd. Another black eye for boxing, and at the worst time possible as well. When will it end?

My only question is this; is Judge Byrd corrupt or is she incompetent? The boxing commission and those in power seem to have convinced themselves that she just needs training. Training? She has judged 492 fights. If I do anything 492 times, I would be an expert. What’s her problem?

Adelaide Byrd is both corrupt and incompetent. Why corrupt? Because she usually is for the house fighter, the sentimental favorite or is personally biased. In the fight in question, she was for the Cash Cow – Canelo. A Judge is supposed to be impartial. Nonito Donaire, a former world champion, said she is ruining the game. He has point, but she isn’t doing it alone. The selection of judges is driven by State Commissions and influenced by the top promoters. The solution is a National Boxing Commission. The establishment of a National Boxing Commission, would be a giant step forward for boxing. And is long overdue.

Back to Adelaide Byrd. She just needs to go away. I for one, and many agree, is that she should be nominated for the Boxing Hall of Shame and retire. She is not a good judge nor does she have the necessary skill set and is easily influenced – and for all the wrong reasons. Please go away Ms. Byrd, before you do any more damage, and find another line work.

Written by Al Iannacone Sr.

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