* Golovkin beats Canelo and the Judges call it draw anyway

It is just after Midnight and I just watched the much anticipated show-down between Gennady Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Similar to the Original Golden Boy, Canelo can not win the big one. Everyone I watched the fight with had Golovkin winning 9 or 10 rounds. GGG stalked and effectively pressured throughout and landed the harder blows. , Canelo had has moments but that’s all. He did try to come on late, but it was too little and too late. One Judge had it a ridiculous 118-110, another had it 116-112 Golovkin and the third had it 114-114 – a draw. The draw was off as well, but dimmed in comparison to the 118-110 score-card.

The commentators were very biased for most of the the bout, favoring Canelo. That is until even they had to accept what they were witnessing. The crowd initially were for Canelo, but these are people who know boxing, and when scores the were announced, booed mightly, as they did when Canelo was interviewed. They cheered the real winner Golovkin when he was interviewed. The men’s faces told the story. Golovkin was calm, confident and had the look of a winner, Canelo looked very much like a loser. He knew he did not deliver, and he winced when own fans booed him.

Well, that’s boxing. There will be a re-match, and we will all watch again. Why? Because no sport has what boxing has and love her or hate her, we keep coming back.

Written by: Al Iannacone Sr.

2 thoughts on “* Golovkin beats Canelo and the Judges call it draw anyway

  1. Triple G never stopped coming after Alvarez. I thought it was a close decision but left no doubt Golovkin was the winner. Both boxers looked great and definitely there should be a rematch.

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