* Mayweather Stops McGregor in a Glorified Sparring Session

All the talk and hype are over and for Boxing fans the result was pretty much as expected. Mayweather won easily and walked out of the ring for the last time an unblemished 50-0. McGregor walked out the ring much diminished, his vaunted power did not show up, neither did his supposed relentless attack. As I watched the fight at the “Beacon” onboard Naval Station Mayport, which was packed with Sailors, I saw Mayweather come forward all night. He did not “run” as those who do not know boxing said he would. Mayweather carried McGregor, letting him land pitty-pat punches and win two or three rounds. McGregor fans didn’t seem to understand what was happening. Floyd could have ended it at any time. He imposed his will and his skill from start to finish.

You see Floyd, in addition to being a great fighter, is also a great marketer and businessman. He didn’t want the backlash he had with the Pacquiao fight. In that fight the master boxer Floyd humbled the filipino warrior, and many were disappointed that it was not a competitive fight. Against Conor, Floyd allowed McGregor to land some punches, put his hands behind his back and stick his tongue out. Conor’s fans loved it, until Floyd turned it up just bit and knocked him around the ring and clearly demonstrated his superiority. The referee saved him from further abuse, however, he stopped it too soon for many who watched. I wanted it go about ten seconds more, so that McGregor would be counted out. However, it was a good stoppage, McGregor was out on his feet, had zero chance of doing anything, let alone winning and could have been seriously hurt.

Well done “Pretty Boy – Money” Mayweather, it’s been a pleasure watching you these twenty-one years. Now is a good time to walk away. Very few have been able to do that. I hope you are one of them.

Written by: Al Iannacone Sr.

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