* Golovkin beats Jacobs – Chocolatito loses first fight and Title

Last Saturday night was a great night for boxing – all the fights were good ones, although they did not go as most expected. GGG did beat Daniel Jacobs, however it was by decision as Jacobs did not “Bring it” apparently Brownsville’s motto of Never Ran and Never Will, does not apply to the “Miracle Man” – I had the fight 115-112 and thought 116-111 was a fair score for Golovkin. All three Judges also had GGG winning, two by 115-112 and one by 114-113. BOX NEWS agreed as well. However, many did not and saw Jacobs getting it done. He did have a lot of advantages, youth, height and since he did not weigh in the day of the fight was over the limit by at least 20 pounds, So… if he had won, he would not have taken the IBF belt. One of the main things wrong with boxing today is that weigh-ins are the day BEFORE a fight, allowing the fighters to rehydrate and that is very dangerous. Figure it out folks, that is why they have weight classes to begin with.

A quick note on the Roman “Chocolatito” Martinez vs Sor Rungvisai. It was an excellent fight and unlike Jacobs he brought it. However, I do think they got this one wrong, I won’t say it was a robbery, it wasn’t. However, Chocolatito came back from a knock down and won the majority of the rounds down the stretch, while bleeding profusely due to three unintentional heady butts. Additionally Rungvisai barely threw a punch in the last round, while Chocolatito dominated and finished like a champion. A re-match is in the works, this may turn into a trilogy – or better. Till next time…

Al Iannacone Sr.

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