*Sparring and Talking Boxing at Headstrong Gym

Lots of good things happening at Headstrong Gym today. Chris Gordon’s Gym had a competitive 5 round sparring session between Joe Merrill a veteran of the gym who has his sights set on the Olympics while also discussing going pro with his manager. Joe’s sparring partner was Jabir Poough a promising young light-heavyweight. Chris and Sam Fuller a former Marine supervised the action. Joe was there to help prepare Jabir for the PAL tournament on 8 April and get some ring time in. Joe took him through his paces, while Jabir pressed the action. Jabir is strong,intense and motivated and looks to me like he has a future in the Ring.

While I was there we discussed the upcoming Welter-Weight Title fight between Danny “”Swift” Garcia and Keith “One Time”Thurman. This is going to be a good one and most likely will not go the distance. Both are Champions at the weight, both are undefeated and in their prime. Garcia is 33-0 with 19 knock-outs and Thurman is 27-0 with 22 knockouts. Most commentators are calling it a 50-50 fight. We talked about it at the gym, I like Garcia in that fight and by knockout, in the later rounds. Garcia is a methodical and steady fighter with good power and never loses his cool, he is always under-rated and is often the underdog even when he is the Champion. Thurman can win, he has one punch power, that’s why they call him One-Time, he also has good movement- . I think garcia goes to body wear’s out and knocks him out. Sam Fuller the Former Marine agrees and thinks the left hook does the damage. I agree. We’ll see. Don’t miss it, it is next Saturday 4 March on Fox.

Al Iannacone Sr.

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