*Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward Predictions

I stopped by the gym today and we soon had a spirited discussion about the upcoming Kovalev Vs. Ward Title fight which is on Saturday 19 November at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Sergey “The Krusher” Kovalev from Kopeysk, Russia is 30-0-1 with 26 knock-outs and is the reigning WBO/WBA/IBF Light-Heavy Weight Champion. Andre (S.O.G) Ward is a former WBA and WBC Super Middleweight Champion and is 30-0-0 with 15 knock-outs. This is a battle of two excellent fighters, both are champions and both are at the of the top four Pound for Pound rankings.

So back to the discussion and the predictions; Kovalev is a power puncher and a better than average boxer.  Ward is a master boxer who does not have a lot of power. It is a Classic match-up. I think “S.O.G.” which means Son of God by the way wins this one. He did have a long lay-off and a couple of tune up fights where he was working off the ring rust, but I think he raises it to another level and beats Sergey by unanimous decision or an exciting and well earned split-decision.

Chris Gordon Headstrong Gym owner and proprietor is going for Kovalev, he thinks Ward is not the fighter he was and that the Krusher will wear him down – and knock him out or just pound him and win a unanimous decision.

Nate Campbell, former WBA/IBF/WBO World Light Weight Champion and trainer at the gym also is going for Kovalev, he says the difference is the trainer – former Middleweight Champion John David Jackson. He also thinks Sergey has too much power for Andre and is the better in-fighter.

Mike Diamant who I wrote an earlier story about (Father and Son) and is also a trainer  at Headstrong thinks thinks Andre is is too slick for Sergey. Which makes sense to me since most of these types of match ups go to the boxer.

Curt “The Hurt” Harper, a Jacksonville Heavyweight was there today and though he did not say who he thinks will win – I think he is leaning toward S.O.G.

Well there you have it – that’s what we think – what do you think? This will be a very good fight between two champions at or near their best which is how it should be. Don’t miss it.

Written by Al Iannacone Sr.

2 thoughts on “*Sergey Kovalev Vs Andre Ward Predictions

    • I agree mylesman10. This is the best match-up out there and the fans deserve it. It will be a good one. Now all we need to do is get Canelo in the ring with GGG.

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