*Police Athletic League (PAL) Amateur Boxing Results 1 October 2016

Saturday, 1 October 2016 The Police Athletic league put on a great show at the JAXPAL Monument Center On Saturday 1 October 2016. They had 20 bouts including a female bout. Several hundred family and friends came out to see fights. A special thanks are in order for Officer Tom Waarum, The Police Athletic League and the River City Men’s Choirs who sang the National Anthem. Former World Champion and Jacksonville native Nate Campbell and promising young heavyweight Curt “The Hurt” Harper were there. Both train at Headstrong Gym. The results are as follows:
 (*** indicates a Headstrong  Boxer)

Nathaniel Cintron Vs. Kumari McKay (WD)
Kontlien Weaver (WD) Vs. Isiah Watts
Damazion Vanhouter Vs. Willie Weaver (WD)
***Kamauran Walker (WD) Vs. Darrien Henry
Alexis Soler (RSC) Vs. Klaeb Jones ***
Antoine Hakeem Vs.Michael Garcia (WD)
Jeovanni Estla V. Ricardo Campos (WD)
Xaire Mitchell Vs. Cristoban Campos (WD)
Tarik Cobb Ramon Vs. Taveras (WD)
Dennis Candelaria Vs.*** Jeremy Minter(WD)
Gary Grady (WD) Vs. Benigno Aguelar
***Albert Martinez Vs. Isiah Deecut (WD)
Luis Velez (WD) Vs. Terrance Chandler
Angel Ilarraza Vs. ***Jack Anorue (WD)
***Deion Coverly (WD) Vs. Julio Rodriquez
Q.  Singleton (WD)  Vs, Charles Truesdale
Domwatt Alarcio Vs. Pete Grichanichnko (WD)
Daniel Cano Vs. Nicholas Riley (WD)
Aliah Charbonier (WD) Vs. Martha Lopez  (Females)
Blount Dalton Vs. Tamarr Oliver (WD)

Written by Al Iannacone Sr.

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