*Prediction: Wladimir Klitschko Vs. Tyson Fury

WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO Vs. TYSON FURY – On October 24 in Dusseldorf Germany Klitschko (64-3, 53 knockouts) defends his WBO, WBA, IBF and IBO Heavyweight Championships against U.K.’s Fury who is 24-0, 18 knockouts. Fury ranked #3 in the world by Ring Magazine is a very confident fighter and says he will knock out the big Ukrainian. There is a very entertaining press conference on you tube just search for their names. As far as predictions, it is hard to bet against Klitschko, he has dominated for years. Ok, there isn’t a lot of talent in the division and all he does is jab and hold. I agree. But it works, at least it has worked so far. As far as Fury is concerned. He is confident and his first name is Tyson, but that doesn’t mean he will win. Sam Fuller who is a former Marine and trains at this gym, thinks Fury will win and by knockout. He may and that would be good for boxing. We need a good, entertaining Heavyweight Champion. If you have a prediction for this fight let us know and tell us why.

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